What is Self Managed Super

‘Do-it-yourself’ superannuation or Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are a powerful tool for the longer-term management of superannuation within a family unit. A SMSF may be most appropriate if you wish:

  • to have control and greater flexibility of your retirement funds;
  • to be involved in the investment decisions;
  • to take advantage of Estate planning benefits; and/or,
  • if you own/operate a small business

Direct Investment Choice

You can invest directly in your own chosen combination of investments, such as shares, property, fixed interest investments, managed funds and cash. Such “member-directed investment” capability is rare in a retail superannuation fund.

Tax Planning

You have the ability to reduce the tax that would normally be payable if using a retail superannuation fund. By selecting a tax effective mix of investments, such as shares paying franked dividends, you can potentially reduce the 15% tax that generally applies to contributions to the fund and on investment earnings of the fund.

Accumulating wealth using an SMSF generally gives you control over the timing of asset sales and purchases, which plays a major role in managing your SMSF’s tax position.

When you retire after age 60 your Fund can pay you a lump sum and/or pension which is generally tax-free.

Tax effective “Transition-to-retirement” pensions are also available from age 55.

Estate planning

For most Australians, superannuation forms a significant part of their accumulated wealth. A SMSF allows you to retain more control over your retirement capital and can play a key role in your estate planning arrangements.

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